It's always a good idea to give your editorial calendar a refresh and the links below will give you everything you need to guide you to focussed and engaging content.

If you're starting an editorial calendar from scratch then read through these thoroughly. Otherwise just save this post and come back to it as and when you need it – I made this post for myself for just that reason.

The Google Calendar Approach

Hubspot's guide is a step by step guide to using Google Calendar to set up your editorial calendar. Often when we embark on new initiatives we look at paid solutions because - well if it costs money and is well marketed it must be good, right? Nevertheless Google's free products have proven themselves robust enough time and again to compete with any of the paid products. (I must do a post about launching products using Google Fonts soon). This is perfect for pitching to a client who is impressed by budget savings.


Find Inspiration

This focusses on the content in your editorial calendar. What it should be, how you should generate and seed it, along with some great examples. If you ever find yourself blocked on what to put in the calendar next or how to spin a certain content feed this checklist gives you lots of functional examples of different angles and aproaches.


The Handy Tools Review

This is a great product review of some of the tools available to set up your editorial calendar by Helen Nesterenko. I use this to keep an eye on the tools available and see if I need to introduce the functionality they offer to the project I'm working on.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 20.22.50.png

CMI's Overview

This guide draws on multiple posts by The Content Marketing Institute and is my go to best practice checklist.


That's your lot. If you have any other ideas of posts that you think should be included here, do please drop them in the comments section: it's always good to keep these link vaults fresh.