I had a lunchtime wander through a recent Oxfam purchase: The Monotype Recorder (Volume 43, Number 1, Summer 1964 - Precision in map making). This mag was 'sent gratis to every printing office with 'Monotype' machines.' Or you could buy it for five shillings.

It's an incredibly well researched survey of earth sciences that no doubt dropped on the desk of people previously entirely untroubled by topography. It must have been an interesting diversion though and perhaps by association might have ignited some sense of pride. Implying as it does, that the reader is connected along a Monotype meridian to the romantic sight of man in a woolly hat from the International Hydrographic Bureau.

The poster - a map of France recreated eight times with different typographical treatments - is a brilliant sales tool and the writer takes full use of the opportunity to wax lyrical about Albertus Bold Titling rom or Joanna ital caps.


Happily The Monotype Recorder is still going strong (after a hiatus) and you can get a copy here.